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Cornwall Rugby Football Union Ltd

The Cornwall Rugby Football Union was formed in 1883 and operated until 2009 as an unincorporated body when it registered under the Industrial and Provident Societies Act 1965 becoming Cornwall Rugby Football Union Limited. Clubs affiliated to Cornwall Rugby Football Union Limited are Members with representatives of each club in membership sitting on the Committees which are responsible for discharging the roles and responsibilities of the “CRFU”.

The committee structure has evolved over the years with a major restructuring coming into force at the beginning of the 2014/145 season in order that the “CRFU” fulfils its obligations as a Constituent Body under the Rugby Football Union frame work as Cornwall Rugby Football Union Ltd is a member of the Rugby Football Union. The five major committees are set out below together with their major responsibilities:

• Player Development (Responsibility for the Retention and Development of existing players and recruitment of new players)

• Game Development (Responsibility for the retention and development of existing coaches, referees and medical volunteers and the recruitment of new coaches, referees and medical volunteers.)

• Club Development (Responsibility for working with Clubs in (a) reviewing facilities and encouraging programmes of improvement/development; (b) setting up a programme to recruit and develop volunteers.)

• Youth & Education (Responsibility for all rugby played to the age of 18 years.)

• Governance (Responsibility for a number of disciplines including Communications, Finance and Safeguarding)

The Chairs of each of the above mentioned committees sit on the Management Board, being elected each year at the Annual General Meeting. The Chairman, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer also sit on the Board and are elected on an annual basis at the AGM. The President, during his/her time of Office sits on the Management Board as an Ex-Officio member. As a member of the RFU, the CRFU has a member on the RFU Council. The CRFU Representative to the RFU Council also has a seat on the Management Board. The Council Representative is elected annually by the Clubs.

There are a number of other [sub] committees namely, Coaching Association, Competitions, Mini/Junior Group, Representative Rugby, U18 Group and U16 Group. The Chairs of each of the sub committees sit on an appropriate Committee.

A Disciplinary Committee which submits written reports direct to the Management Board.

In addition to the AGM and Financial AGM the Clubs hold four General Meetings per year.

The CRFU upholds the RFU Core Values:


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