The Road to Twickenham

BMW has crafted a captivating film named ‘The Road to Twickenham’ in honor of its sponsorship of the 6 Nations and the RFU, diving deep into the heart of rugby passion.

The narrative unfolds on a stark, winding road, where a BMW car weathers frost and rain, navigating through the picturesque English countryside. Accompanied by a haunting rendition of the Rugby chant “swing low sweet chariot,” the journey is a symphony of sights and sounds that evoke the spirit of rugby.

Passing by a quintessential English pub adorned with St George’s flags, catching a glimpse of a rugby shirt swaying on a washing line, and witnessing a lone rugby player honing skills amidst snowfall, the scene is painted with dedication and resilience.

As daylight breaks, the chant crescendos, mirroring the rising excitement. It reaches a thunderous roar as the car arrives at Twickenham stadium, the revered heart of rugby. Notably, the film’s soundtrack captures the raw energy of 90,000 fans live from the pitch.

Uwe Dreher, BMW UK’s marketing director, underscores the brand’s alignment with rugby’s core values of passion, dedication, and determination. “The Road to Twickenham” transcends mere branding, delving into a genuine celebration of rugby’s fervor and the deep connection shared with fans.

This cinematic journey, meticulously crafted by BMW in collaboration with FCB Inferno, is a testament to the shared enthusiasm for rugby and the 6 Nations, resonating profoundly with the rugby community and fans alike.