Halifax Panthers Tackle Stadium Struggles and Financial Hurdles: A Rugby League Story

The Halifax Panthers have provided an update on the ongoing situation surrounding their home stadium, The Shay, and the club’s financial status. Discussions with the local council and FC Halifax Town are underway, as the team explores opportunities to take over the stadium. Despite facing historical financial difficulties and a significant funding gap compared to Super League clubs, the Panthers remain committed to securing their future and exploring avenues for growth.

Halifax Panthers Provide Update on Stadium Situation and Financial Challenges

In a recent fan forum, the Halifax Panthers board addressed the ongoing situation surrounding The Shay stadium and the club’s financial status. The discussions shed light on the challenges the team has faced, as well as the potential opportunities for the future.

The club revealed that they are currently in discussions with the local council and FC Halifax Town regarding the potential takeover of the stadium. “We are sitting down with the council, FC Halifax Town, and David Bosomworth has been proactive in questions for the Council,” the board stated. They added that due diligence is still ongoing, and no firm plans can be submitted until the process is complete.

The club’s chairman, Dave Grayson, expressed optimism about the potential acquisition, describing it as a “game-changer for both clubs.” He emphasized that the club is exploring various revenue streams and inward-investment opportunities to secure the team’s future.

Addressing Financial Challenges

Addressing the reports of rent arrears, the Panthers board acknowledged the historical financial difficulties faced by the club. They clarified that the “incorrectly interpreted headlines” do not accurately reflect the current situation, as they have agreed on a payment plan with the Calderdale Council to address the outstanding rent.

The club also highlighted the broader challenges faced by rugby league, citing the significant disparity in central funding between Super League sides (around £1.5 million) and their own team (only £100,000 last year). This financial gap has been a contributing factor to the financial pressures experienced by clubs like the London Broncos.

Despite these challenges, the Halifax Panthers board expressed their commitment to securing the club’s future and exploring opportunities for growth. The next steps will involve further discussions with the council and other stakeholders, as the team continues to navigate the complex landscape of rugby league.

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